About Us

The Lowdown On SupsAhoy

Woah! You must really be interested in who we are and what we’re all about – after all, who reads “about us” pages anymore?

We almost left this blank and went out for coffee, but now we’re glad we didn’t!

(Just kidding.. Or are we?)

Regardless, SupsAhoy is a website devoted to reviewing health supplements from an evidence-based perspective.

Why have we embarked on this seemingly noble deed? Good question, and we’ve got a nice “corporate response”:

We believe consumers should know exactly what to expect from the supplement(s) they’re spending their hard-earned money on.

– The SupsAhoy.com PR Guy, (2019).

It might seem a little corny, but fundamentally it’s true. We really do not like to see people wasting money on junk or scam products.. which sadly are starting to take over the supplement industry at an alarming rate.

What Makes Us Different?

Another great question, you’re really on fire today!

SupsAhoy is different than the other 531,593,101 supplement review websites for the simple fact that we’re not here to convince you to buy anything. We just want to give you information.

We believe that trust is earned (and hopefully this about us page hasn’t totally blown it), which is why we completely refuse to exclusively promote any supplement(s) at all.

Let’s be real here, how are we meant to be truthful and honest in our critiques when we’re also receiving monetary-kickbacks from the supplement industry?

Duh, we can’t; that sounds like it would be a recipe for some pretty darn spicy fake news.

It all boils down to this:

  • We do not take commissions
  • We aren’t a member of any affiliate programs
  • None of our articles will attempt to funnel you onto a “best rated supplement” page

Our articles have just one purpose – to help you fully understand the product in question.

So there you have it; our “about us” section. Not exactly mind-blowing we know, but hopefully you now get the picture of what we’re all about!