What Is SupsAhoy?

We’ve fully answered this question on our about us page, but here’s the TL;DR for those with the attention span of a 2-year-old:

SupsAhoy is a website devoted to reviewing health supplements from an evidence-based perspective.

We’re here to help guide you towards effective and safe supplements, through product reviews and buyers guides.

Why Are There Ads On SupsAhoy?

To stay completely neutral, we do not monetize our website with “advertorial content” – we only sell ad-space within our articles.

SupsAhoy is partnered with Google Adsense; display ads and banners are how we fund our operation. Each time a banner is clicked we will receive a very small amount of money for that click.

Is SupsAhoy Just A Paid Shill For The Supplement Industry?

No (but let’s be real here, even if we were, we’re hardly likely to admit it..).

SupsAhoy does not take affiliate commissions or promote/recommend any supplement at all.

We exist to simply give you information – we are not trying to sell you anything.

Can SupsAhoy’s Reviews Be Trusted?

We’d like to think so.

Any review you read online should be treated with some degree of skepticism, and we would encourage you to take the same approach when reading our content.

When we critique a product we’re giving nothing more than our personal opinion based on publicly available information sources.

We pride ourselves on only using the most trusted academic sources to support our arguments.

Do Companies Pay You To Have Their Products Recommended By Your Site?

Absolutely not. One does not simply buy SupsAhoy.com. As mentioned above, we are not in the pocket of the supplement industry.

We will not allow any companies to exchange money or favors for our approval – any product we do recommend will earn it from its own merits.