Review Guidelines

What’s The Purpose of SupsAhoy Reviews?

As a trusted consumer advice outlet, the one and only purpose of our supplement review articles is to help the reader fully understand what the product is and what it has to offer them in terms of benefits.

We’re a distributor of trustable information, not a purveyor of supplements; the articles are not here to up-sell or recommend products in any way, shape or form.

Our Reviewing Process

Our reviewing process is robust yet fairly simple:

  1. We look at the claims the manufacturers are making about the supplement in question.
  2. We then look for any supporting scientific evidence to back up the statements.
  3. We then go on to relay this information (or lack thereof) in an unbiased and easy to understand way within the review article.
  4. We finally offer our personal opinion on the product itself.

We believe that the above four steps essentially make our reviews some of the most trustable and credible out there. In a sea of websites all trying to up-sell you products they’re taking a huge commission on, we are just here to relay what the science says, in a manner that’s easy to comprehend.

What’s more, each article will contain a complete list of all the sources used to gather our information, which will all be from the MEDLINE database.

No Star-Ratings Here

We do not give products a star rating or any sort of symbolic thumbs up or down that could potentially sway your opinion beyond the factual information in our articles.

We let the science speak for itself.

Does SupsAhoy Ever Remove Reviews?

Not always but sometimes we may in certain circumstances.

Should a review ever turn out to be not completely factually correct, we may choose to either redact, rework, or completely remove the article out of respect for our readers and the manufacturers alike.

Any articles that have been edited from their original form will feature an editor’s note at the very top of the article for clarity.

Last revised on July 17, 2019