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Blue Star Status Review


Blue Star Status Product ImageMost people know that in order to gain muscle mass, you need to have optimal testosterone levels, ergo if you’re testosterone levels happen to be low, you will likely struggle with things like gaining weight and increasing your strength.

Unfortunately testosterone levels lowering is a fact of life; peaking between the ages of 21-28, a man can expect to see his testosterone levels gradual start declining as time goes one.. but that doesn’t mean you should just accept it; testosterone booster supplements can be an extremely helpful tool.

One such product, Status, is a test booster pill that makes some pretty big promises – are any of them actually true?

In this Blue Star Status review, we are taking an in-depth look to establish what we personally believe this product is capable of.

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What Is Blue Star Status?

Blue Star Status is a testosterone booster supplement created by a US-based sports nutrition company named Blue Star Nutraceuticals.

One bottle of Blue Star Status costs $69.99, contains 90 capsules and will last users for exactly 30 days based on the set directions of three capsules per day; it can be purchased via the official Blue Star Status website, as well as Amazon.

As with most other testosterone boosters, Blue Star Status is targeted towards avid gym-goers who are looking for a product to help them gain additional lean muscle mass. Using the slogan “testosterone made easy” Blue Star Nutraceuticals describe their formula as an “unfair advantage”, going on to claim it helps boost user testosterone by 434%.

The Blue Star Status formula consists of various herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Consumers are told they can expect effects such as higher strength, increased virility, reduced body fat, improved self confidence, and improved energy levels.

Does Blue Star Status Work?

After substantial further research into this product, we believe that Blue Star Status could potentially prove to be a useful supplement for men who are looking for support gaining additional muscle mass, however there’s a lot of disinformation that we feel will give many newer users a lot of misconceptions.

Firstly, to ensure you fully understand the ability of Blue Star Status, after investigation we could find no concrete evidence to suggest that ingredients inside the formula will boost user testosterone levels beyond their normal range. The idea that Blue Star Status can help users see anabolic steroid-like muscle gains is unsubstantiated (and is also not recognized by the FDA either).

Despite this big revelation, we still believe that Blue Star Status can be useful for supporting muscle gains:

The formula contains a cocktail of various different herbal extracts (way too many for us to dive into in this short review), that have studies showing they can help support improved athletic performance and energy levels – perfect for those who’s diet is right and are putting in the hard work in the gym.

Additionally, it also contains a whole host of vitamins and minerals, which can help contribute towards the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in men who may be deficient in those nutrients.

The Pros & Cons Of Blue Star Status

Below we have listed everything we like and dislike about this test booster:

The Pros

  • May help improve athletic performance
  • Could support testosterone levels if the user is deficient in Zinc
  • Contains ingredients that can contribute towards normal energy levels

The Cons

  • No supporting scientific evidence to suggest the product will elevate testosterone levels in otherwise healthy men
  • Negative side effects are possible

What Are The Blue Star Status Ingredients?

We have found the following supplement facts for this product:

One 3-Capsule Serving Contains: Magnesium 450mg, Zinc 30mg, Vitamin B6 10.5mg, KSM-66® Ashwagandha 600mg, Longjack Extract 300mg, Diindolylmethane 108mg, TestoSURGE® Trigonella Foenum-graecum 100mg, and Proprietary Blend 61mg (Fumaric Acid, BioPerine Black Pepper, Panax Notoginseng, Sodium R-Lipoate, Succinic Acid).

Is Blue Star Status Safe?

With further investigation, we have found nothing inside the Blue Star Status formula to suggest it could be dangerous; the formula is completely free from anything that has been banned or dangerous, however users must still ensure that they do not exceed the recommended daily serving sizes.

What Are The Blue Star Status Side Effects?

We’ve compiled the following potential side effects based on the ingredients inside this formula:

  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting [1]

Note: these side effects are possible but may not be the typical user experience.


Are There Any Blue Star Status Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following Blue Star Status review testimonials via customers on eBay:

After using Status for exactly two months I noticed the following: better pumps in the gym, increased strength (lifts went up by about 3-5lbs across all main compound movements), and better recovery times. I didn’t really feel like it helped “boost my testosterone”.. but that’s because I’ve used AAS before I know exactly how that feels, but I think Blue Star have created a decent product for natty lifters who are looking for something to give them a boost.

I noticed no impact on my strength, testosterone levels or energy. If you’re serious about making gains, stick to the real stuff, if you know what I mean.

Our Final Verdict On Blue Star Status

To conclude our Blue Star Status review, it’s certainly not a terrible product to use for the purposes of gaining weight, we just aren’t convinced that it’ll actually “boost your testosterone levels” if you’re an otherwise-healthy male.

The formula contains useful ingredients which do have a lot of supporting studies showing they can be useful for boosting testosterone, but none are FDA-recognized and none have conclusive scientific evidence to suggest that they’ll work for 100% of those who consume them.