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  • Folexin Review

    Folexin Review

    Introduction Are you looking for a natural supplement that supports your hair health? You’re in luck because there’s an abundance of products that claim to do that. The trick is knowing which of those claims are factual, and which are just marketing promising statements that aren’t scientifically proven. Today, we’ll be looking at one such […]

  • Viabrance Hair Growth Serum Review

    Viabrance Hair Growth Serum Review

    Introduction Viabrance Hair Growth Serum is one of the products from the Viabrance Regrowth System – a set of products designed to support your hair health and boost hair growth. The set contains the growth serum, a follicle booster and biotin gummies. The manufacturer claims that the system will revive your hair, and help you […]

  • Hairprin Review

    Hairprin Review

    Introduction Losing a lot of hair can be very distressing. You can’t always pinpoint the cause straight away – and that can be quite overwhelming. The good news is that you’re not alone, and there is now a whole industry of hair loss and growth supplements that can help you address these issues. One of […]

  • Hair Care Panda Review

    Hair Care Panda Review

    Introduction Have you come across the newest hair vitamin craze – hair gummies? Many well-known supplement companies are now offering hair vitamins in a gummy form – but chances are you haven’t heard of Hair Care Panda before, because it isn’t as well-known. Hair Care Panda Gummies are vegan hair vitamins designed to boost hair […]

  • Wild Growth Hair Oil Review

    Wild Growth Hair Oil Review

    Introduction Having long, thick, free-flowing hair is something the majority of women want; luckily there’s no shortage of products that claim they can help improve hair thickness and growth speed. With a less-than-subtle name, Wild Growth Hair Oil claims it will help your hair grow half an inch per month and even restore bald patches […]

  • Viviscal Man Hair Growth Supplement Review

    Viviscal Man Hair Growth Supplement Review

    Introduction There’s no denying the insane popularity of hair growth pills, however they really do come across as a female-only product, which simply isn’t true. The “girly” aesthetic of hair growth vitamin supplements simply comes down to a matter of branding and product positioning – men are still able to use them and have excellent […]

  • Viviscal Extra Strength Review

    Viviscal Extra Strength Review

    Introduction When it comes to ensuring optimal hair health, it is absolutely critical to provide your body with the required vital nutrients, which sadly is becoming harder and harder with our modern day hectic lifestyles and poor diets. Hair growth pills, also known as hair growth vitamins, have become increasingly popular and now there are […]

  • Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Review

    Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Review

    Introduction Most women will find that their hair will only hit a certain length before naturally plateauing; this is usually when the hair reaches around the shoulder blade area – luckily there are products out there that can help. We’ve all seen the insane popularity that hair growth pills have, so it was only a […]

  • TRX2 Review

    TRX2 Review

    Introduction Hair care supplements are becoming more and more popular with both men and women, today the hair growth industry is much more varied, and (hopefully) much more effective than it has ever been before. There are shampoos, creams, conditioners, and dietary supplements. In this TRX2 review, we will be focusing on the claims that […]

  • SugarBearHair Vitamins Review

    SugarBearHair Vitamins Review

    Introduction In order to get long, healthy flowing hair you’ve got to ensure you’re providing your body with the correct vital nutrients; as most women aren’t particularly keep on the idea of having thin, brittle hair, hair growth supplement popularity has exploded! With thousands of different formulas out there to choose from, SugarBearHair Hair vitamins […]