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  • Maxines Burn Review

    Maxines Burn Review

    Introduction This self-proclaimed “Thermogenic Protein” seems to be one of the more popular fat burning shakes on the market, but that doesn’t give it an automatic pass. In this Maxines Burn review, we’re taking a look at the formula and disclosing whether or not this product really has what it takes to burn away body […]

  • Lean1 Review

    Lean1 Review

    Introduction Is this self-proclaimed fat burning meal replacement really the key to fast, effective weight loss? The manufacturers “Nutrition 53” would have you believe so. In this Lean1 review, we’re taking an in-depth look at this popular weight loss shake and establishing what consumers can and cannot expect from it. Readers please note that statements […]

  • Lean Shake Burn Review

    Lean Shake Burn Review

    Introduction This product is the follow-up to GNC’s smash hit product “Lean Shake“. Is this new Lean Shake Burn worth the extra money or should you just stick to the original? In this Lean Shake Burn review, we’re taking a look at what consumers can and cannot expect, as well as listing the differences and […]

  • Labrada Lean Body Review

    Labrada Lean Body Review

    Introduction Lee Labrada seems to have produced one of the more popular weight loss shakes on the market with his Lean Body Shake. The product seems to be an Amazon best-seller and has a ton of positive customer feedback. In this Labrada Lean Body review, we’re taking a look at whether you should believe the […]

  • Kroger Slim Rite Review

    Kroger Slim Rite Review

    Introduction It seems that the US retail giant Kroger has now entered into the weight loss market! Their latest product, Slim Rite, is a weight loss result designed to replace your daily meals. In this Kroger Slim Rite review, we’re analyzing the formulation and look at whether this is something you should consider using for […]

  • Keto OS Max Review

    Keto OS Max Review

    Introduction Does this popular keto drink really have what it takes to deliver the results for consumers? The product has seen significant promotion and hype lately, so we had to take a look for ourselves. In this Keto OS Max review, we’re looking at exactly what users can and cannot expect from this popular product. […]

  • Keto FEAST Review

    Keto FEAST Review

    Introduction A meal replacement shake powered by bone broth protein extract – if you’ve done any research into fasting and ketosis you’ll know just how highly praised bone broth is, but is this a product you should consider if you’re looking for fast weight loss results? In this Keto FEAST review, we’re taking a look […]

  • Juice Plus Complete Shake Review

    Juice Plus Complete Shake Review

    Introduction Juice Plus claim that their Complete shake is a well-rounded nutritional shake that users can use as an effective weight loss shake. While the company Juice Plus comes with a terrible reputation, perhaps the product itself won’t be that bad? In this Juice Plus Complete Shakes review, we’re looking in-depth at this product. Readers […]

  • It Works Shake Review

    It Works Shake Review

    Introduction Have It Works created a revolutionary weight loss shake? It’s highly popular and after numerous reader-requests, we’re taking an extensive look at what makes this product tick in this It Works Shake review. Readers please note that statements on this page are fair comment based on observation. This content is produced on a matter […]

  • Isoburn Review

    Isoburn Review

    Introduction BSN are one of the biggest names in sports nutrition, but that doesn’t give them an automatic pass here. Their Isoburn weight loss shake makes some big claims; apparently this shake can burn away your body fat and boost your metabolism – we decided to investigate. In this Isoburn review, we’re disclosing what consumers […]