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FertileCM Product ImageThere are many fertility supplements being sold to both men and women who are looking for ways to increase their chances of conception. FertileCM is one of these supplements, it is designed to increase cervical mucus. FertileCM is a female fertility supplement sold by Fairhaven Health. In this article we will be examining the ingredients list, analyzing the claims made about FertileCM, and helping you to decide whether FertileCM is a supplement worth purchasing.


What Is FertileCM?

FertileCM is a female fertility supplement sold by Fairhaven Health, a supplement company that has a massive range of fertility and pregnancy related supplements. Fairhaven Health is based in Washington in the United States and is perhaps best known for its FertilAid for Men and FertilAid for Women supplements.

FertileCM is a supplement that is designed to increase cervical mucus production, which should help increase the chance of conception.

A single pack of FertileCM costs $19.95 when purchased through the Fairhaven Health website, though if you purchase FertileCM in bulk they offer a discount. Two packs cost just $18.95 per pack, while three or more packs cost $17.96 per pack. It is more expensive on Amazon, though the price fluctuates depending on which seller you buy from on Amazon marketplace.

Each pack contains 30 servings and are designed to last for 30 days. A serving works out at three capsules, so 90 capsules in total. This works out at $0.67 per day, or $0.63 per day if you purchase two packs. If you purchase three or more packs, you will be paying just $0.60 per day.

FertileCM is obviously marketed at premenopausal women who are looking to increase the chance of conception. It promises to help increase cervical mucus, and to strengthen the uterine lining to help with implantation of a fertilized egg. FertileCM is also supposed to increase libido.

Does FertileCM Work?

To properly assess whether FertileCM works or not we need to look at two factors. Firstly, we need to discover whether the premise that increasing cervical mucus can increase fertility. Then we have to find out whether the ingredients present within FertileCM can actually increase cervical mucus, as well as the other benefits mentioned.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, “cervical mucus plays a fundamental in the [trying to conceive] process by nourishing and protecting sperm” [1]. Furthermore, a 2006 study published in the European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Reproductive Biology looked at the relationship between cervical mucus and probability of conception.

The study found that “the probability of conception is essentially 0 on days with no secretions. This probability increases dramatically to near 30% on days with the most fertile-type mucus” [2]. A 2004 study by Bigelow et al that pregnancy probability increased when the mucus score increased [3].

However, mucus may also prevent conception. A 1964 study by Perloff & Steinberger found that if the sperm is abnormal in shape then cervical mucus can act like a filter [4].

As you can see, there is definitely a trend between increased mucus and increased probability of conception. The amount of mucus produced is tied to a woman’s menstrual cycle, with it being higher while a woman is ovulating. Having low cervical mucus can lead to a reduced chance of conception. It is also worth noting that abnormally shaped spermatozoa may be filtered out by cervical mucus. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing. It also appears to be the case that poor diet, stress, and certain medications can actually lead to an insufficient production of cervical mucus.

Now that we have established that increasing your cervical mucus can help to increase the chance of conception, we need to discover whether FertileCM can in fact increase cervical mucus.

One of the main ingredients in FertileCM is l-arginine, an amino acid that is a precursor to nitric oxide. Several studies have linked increased nitric oxide intake to increased conception. A 2016 study by Mahran et al looked at the effect of a nitric oxide boosting supplementation on pregnancy rates in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) [5]. The study found that increasing nitric oxide production led to an increase in ovulation and pregnancy.

A 2005 study by Morlin & Hammarstrom found that “NO production increases cervical secretion [of mucus].” [6]. Fairhaven Health also claim that certain ingredients (L-Cysteine, vitamin C, grape seed extract) that have antioxidant properties can help to increase fertility. However, a Cochrane review titled “Antioxidants for female subfertility” found that there was little to no evidence that antioxidants can improve fertility in females [7].

Fairhaven Health also claim that their use of calcium and Lactobacilli can help to support a healthy pH in the vagina which can help increase conception rates. A 2016 study by Miller et al failed to find a correlation between vaginal pH and lactobacilli [8]. “We found no significant relationship between vaginal pH and lactobacilli relative abundance”.

Finally, we have the claim that nitric oxide can increase the female libido. This is possibly true, though there is a distinct lack of evidence at the moment. A 2009 study does mention that increased blood flow to the clitoris may help to increase libido and increased NO production could perform this function [9].

Bottom Line: The main ingredient contained within FertileCM is l-arginine and it appears to perform the exact function that Fairhaven Health claims. It increases cervical mucus. It may also increase libido, but more evidence is needed before we can say for certain. The other ingredients are probably useless, though they may be of some use.

The Pros & Cons of FertileCM

Below is a list of everything that we like about FertileCM and everything that we don’t like.


  • L-arginine has been shown to increase cervical mucus
  • May work as a libido enhancer
  • May help to balance vaginal pH


  • Uses a proprietary blend which masks the dosage of certain ingredients
  • Lack of evidence for some of the claims made

What Are The FertileCM Ingredients?

Because Fairhaven Health have used a proprietary blend, we can’t give you the specific ingredient dosages for every ingredient. This is a real pain and is a mark against their product in our opinion. Here is the ingredient list:

One Serving Contains: Vitamin C 100mg, Calcium 51.6mg, and Proprietary Blend 1109mg (L-Arginine, L-Cysteine, Coral Calcium, Lactoballicus Acidophilus, Grape Seed Extract).

Is FertileCM Safe?

Thanks to their (infuriating) use of a proprietary blend, we cannot say for certain that the ingredients contained within are correctly dosed.

Regardless, none of the ingredients are banned and are all perfectly safe to consume when correctly dosed.

Is FertileCM Suitable For Everyone?

FertileCM is suitable for women who are looking to conceive, anyone outside of this demographic would not benefit from taking it. While the ingredients are basically safe, there are a few side effects that you may want to look out for. Vitamin C may cause diarrhea, as can l-arginine and grape seed extract.

In fact, the reason why l-arginine can cause diarrhea is interesting, because it is the same reason that FertileCM contains it – it stimulates nitric oxide production, which can lead to diarrhea. People with kidney problems should avoid supplements that contain calcium, as excess calcium can exacerbate issues.

Other than that, FertileCM is completely safe and does not appear to have any side-effects worth noting. This is a very safe supplement to take, provided that you are a healthy woman with no health issues who is looking to increase the chances of conception.

Are There Any FertileCM Reviews From Customers?

There are currently 595 reviews of FertileCM on Amazon.com, with 48% of them being five-star reviews. However, 19% of the reviews are one-star which reflects the divisive nature of this product. As with any fertility supplement, the product’s reputation is based entirely on successful conception.

There are lots of issues with this (way too many factors can affect conception for one single product to necessarily be the cause), and you should definitely take the reviews with a pinch of salt. But anecdotal evidence still has worth, with that being said, here are three examples:

“Today is exactly thirteen days since I started taking FertileCM and I was surprised by the amount of stretchy mucus I had this morning. I am always dry, and I haven’t seen anything like this in four years!”

“I could not get pregnant for two years, after purchasing FertileCM (and two other supplements) I became pregnant with my first child and just gave birth to a son”

“This product is amazing. After one month of use I am already expecting!”


Our Final Verdict On FertileCM

FertileCM seems to focus on doing one thing and doing it very well. Forget about the libido enhancing claims and forget about balancing vaginal pH. You should take FertileCM if you want to increase cervical mucus production, and the evidence points to FertileCM being able to deliver on this.

The use of a proprietary blend is a shame though, it hides the dosage, and without that information we cannot say for certain whether the dosage of l-arginine is effective or not. From looking at the reviews (even though they are just anecdotal) it seems that the dosage is effective, as so many customers have given glowing reviews.

Due to the price and the relative lack of side effects, FertileCM is probably worth trying. It could very well help you to increase the chance of conception. It could also combine well with other fertility supplements.