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FertiliTea Review


FertiliTea Product Image

There are various ways to boost your chances of conceiving – but while some may be relatively new in the fertility and pregnancy department, others have been around for thousands of years.

In folk culture across the world, it has been believed that specific herbs can naturally increase your fertility, helping you get pregnant quicker as well as improve your chances of having a healthy baby. Women in various cultures around the globe have used these herbs for much longer than anyone can imagine.

There are still plenty of supplement companies that offer herbal medicines as a helping hand to those who are trying to start a family.

FertiliTea is one of such herbal products. It is a tea of natural herbs, which, manufacturers claim, will optimize your chances of conceiving.

In this FertiliTea review, we’re taking an in-depth look into the formula and are explaining exactly what we think it’s capable of.


What Is FertiliTea?

FertiliTea is a self-proclaimed herbal fertility-boosting tea created by a US-based supplement company named FertilitySmart.

One pack of FertiliTea costs $18.95 contains 100 grams (enough for 60 cups of tea), and will last the average user around 1 month based on the directions of 2 cups of tea per day. You can also purchase FertiliTea in individual tea bags for $14.95. There are 16 tea bags, meaning there are only 16 servings.

Those looking for this product can buy it from the official FertiliTea website, as well as places like Amazon, Walmart, CVS, etc.

FertiliTea appears to be primarily marketed towards women who are looking for something to help them to conceive naturally. FertiliTea themselves directly describe FertiliTea as bringing “together a handful of medicinal herbs long used to support hormone balance, promote menstrual cycle regularity, and strengthen and tone the uterus, which works together to optimize your fertility and reproductive health.”

Consumers of FertiliTea are told that the product will produce effects such as: support your overall reproductive health, encourage hormonal balance, and maximize the chances of conceiving.

Does FertiliTea Work?

After conducting some research into the product, we think FertilTea may improve your body’s reproductive health – and could potentially boost your chances of conceiving.

FertiliTea contains herbal ingredients which have traditionally been used to boost fertility for thousands of years.

Chasteberry (vitex) has been used in folk medicine to treat hormonal imbalances in women. It was added to the formula to help stimulate hormones and restore healthy hormonal balance. We could find some evidence that chasteberry may improve premenstrual syndrome, which suggests it may help support hormone balance – but we feel that more research into its effectiveness is needed.

Another ingredient FertiliTea uses is Red Raspberry Leaf. The leaf has earned an impressive reputation for its ability to tone the tissues of the womb. It has been used as a uterine tonic for many centuries because it increases blood flow to the uterus and helps tone uterine muscles. We did find some studies indicating that the plant’s components do act directly on smooth muscle, which suggests it may help support the muscles in your uterus.

FertiliTea also contains Ladies Mantle – a herb found throughout Europe. Ladies Mantle, known in the pharmaceutical world as Alchemilla Vulgaris, has been used to improve the health of female reproductive tissues, prevent miscarriage, enhance sexual appetite, and support fertility. Very few studies confirming its effectiveness exist – however, it has been used for very long periods in Ayurvedic treatments as well as by herbalists.

The supplement also contains green tea – a powerful antioxidant known for a variety of health-improving functions. Research has shown that green tea reduces the negative effects of oxidative stress and increases the quality of female and male gametes (reproductive cells).

Nettle leaf is another ingredient used in the FertiliTea formula. It contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients – and has traditionally been used to treat several conditions. However, its effects on fertility haven’t been studied enough to know whether it is effective, even though it is one of the most often used herbal fertility. Supplement.

The manufacturer also claims that FertiliTea is “doctor-recommended,” but we couldn’t find any official data that backs that up.

On sites like Amazon, FertiliTea receives a lot of praise. Many users claim they got pregnant while taking this tea, going into detail to describe their pregnancy journey and, often, appear to be astonished that it actually worked. However, as with any online reviews, you should always be cautious because fake reviews are not uncommon.

The bottom line: the product contains herbal ingredients which have traditionally been used to address various fertility issues and boost the chances of getting pregnant. We were able to find studies that back up some of the herbal ingredients used, however –not all. But there are many positive reviews online, which is encouraging.

The Pros & Cons Of FertiliTea

Below we’ve listed everything we like and dislike about this product:

The Pros

  • Can contribute towards your overall health
  • May improve your reproductive health
  • Could tone the lining of your uterus
  • May help support your hormonal balance
  • The tea uses organic ingredients
  • It is more affordable than many other fertility-boosting products on the market

The Cons

  • There seems to be a lack of studies into the effectiveness of the main ingredients
  • Some people may experience side effects (we’ve seen some reviews that mention stomach-aches and insomnia) 

What Are The FertiliTea Ingredients?

We have found the following supplement facts for this product. Because FertiliTea is a herbal tea, the ingredients list doesn’t include dosage.

FertiliTea contains the following herbs: Chasteberry (vitex), Red raspberry leaf, Green tea, Ladies Mantle, Nettle leaf, Peppermint leaf.

Is FertiliTea Safe?

Yes, we believe that ultimately, FertiliTea is safe for otherwise-healthy consumers when used as directed.

The blend doesn’t contain anything that’s officially been banned or deemed unsuitable for human consumption.

Is FertiliTea Suitable For Everyone?

We wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under the age of 18.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also not use – or discontinue use after getting pregnant.

If you’re using any prescription medicines, you should check with your doctor before use.

It’s also worth noting that FertiliTea contains some caffeine. Very little, but if you’re sensitive to caffeine – you should bear that in mind.

Are There Any FertiliTea Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following FertiliTea review testimonials via customers online:

I’m convinced this tea helped me finally get my BFP. I started drinking 2 cups of it a day about a week into my cycle, then went to 1 cup once ovulation was confirmed for 2 days. Then completely stopped drinking it. In total, I drank it for about 10 days and got a positive result that cycle. I just can’t believe how fast it worked. I’m still in shock since I have PCOS and was told by doctors I would probably not conceive naturally. I think it’s worth giving it a try, especially if you have irregular cycles. Just make sure you do your research about what the ingredients do before hand, and if you think it will help your fertility issues, what’s the harm in trying.

I bought FertiliTea and used it for a couple weeks on and off, but didn’t see any results. I began drinking it again a couple months later to just finish the rest of what I had left over. I drank this tea and prenatal vitamins at the same time for a month and found out I was pregnant after trying for a year and a half. I think this tea and the vitamins helped my body prepare to have a baby. I am now 4 months pregnant with a healthy baby!

Whenever I drink this tea, my stomach aches a lot and I have sleepless nights. I’m not someone who normally gets stomach pains, only on my period. The taste is bearable, though not the best for me.


Our Final Verdict On FertiliTea

To conclude our FertiliTea review, we think the tea could boost your reproductive health – but it’s difficult to say that it will definitely work. The tea contains some herbal ingredients, which have been backed by science. However, more research into its effectiveness is needed.

That said, we have found plenty of positive reviews on Amazon, and many people are saying they did indeed get pregnant while using the tea. Women also praised the tea for helping them regulate their cycles.

While it’s important to take reviews of any product with a grain of salt, we think many of those reviews seem genuine.

Remember that if you choose to start drinking FertiliTea, you should use it throughout the entire cycle, even during menstruation.