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FertilityBlend For Women Review


FertilityBlend For Women Product ImageFertility is one of those things that jumps from being of absolutely no interest to you, to something that consumes your every waking thought. The male fertility supplement industry has been around for decades and is well known, but the female fertility supplement industry is often overlooked. Recently, this has started to change with a number of high-quality fertility supplements aimed exclusively at women coming out.

One of those products is Fertility Blend for Women by The Daily Wellness Company. In this article we will be reviewing Fertility Blend for Women, taking an in-depth look at the ingredients list, assessing the claims, and giving you our verdict on whether Fertility Blend for Women is a worthwhile supplement or not.


What Is Fertility Blend For Women?

Fertility Blend for Women is exactly what it says it is, a supplement that is designed to increase female fertility using natural ingredients. It is sold by The Daily Wellness Company, an American supplement company operating out of Honolulu, Hawaii. According to their website, The Daily Wellness Company has been operating for over 20 years.

Each pack of Fertility Blend for Women contains thirty servings, each serving consists of three capsules, so there are 90 capsules per pack. You can purchase Fertility Blend from The Daily Wellness Company website, Amazon, or iherb.com for $36.99 which works out at $1.23 per day for 30 days.

While Fertility Blend for Women is clearly marketed exclusively at women, The Daily Wellness Company also sells a Fertility Blend for Men, in fact it is possible to buy Fertility Blend for Couples which provides one pack for women and one pack from women. This is available from the company website and Amazon.

Fertility Blend for Women promises to increase pregnancy and reproductive hormones, prevent certain birth defects (thanks to folic acid), repair oxidative damage, and maintain a healthy uterine lining.

Does Fertility Blend For Women Work?

A 2006 study published in Clinical & Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology looked specifically into whether Fertility Blend for Women worked or not [1]. In the study 93 women who had been unsuccessfully attempting to get pregnant for between six months and three years. The women were split into two groups, one was fed a placebo while the other group were given Fertility Blend for Women.

The study saw a significant improvement in conception, with 26% of the FB group becoming pregnant (plus an additional three women after the study had finished) compared to 14% of the placebo group. These results may not sound all that impressive, but a 26% success rate is actually considered very high!

As the study demonstrates, Fertility Blend for Women does appear to work, though the success rate is still quite low. Sadly, when it comes to fertility a small improvement in likelihood is the best you can hope for.

How Fertility Blend for Women works is quite interesting. It approaches the issue of infertility from several angles. It contains ingredients such as green tea extract, vitamin E, and Selenium which the company claims can repair oxidative damage and therefore improve reproductive health.

Green tea extract may indeed have some antioxidant properties [2], but more research is required before we can say for certain. Vitamin E also works as an antioxidant [3], while Selenium is well known for its antioxidant properties.

Fertility Blend for Women also contains Vitex (the product name for Chasteberry). This supplement ingredient has been added to help provide normal ovulation and support hormone balance. There is a lot of evidence that taking Vitex can help to reduce the symptoms of PMS [4] particularly insomnia, cramps, irritability, and depression. This also points to its ability to support hormone balance.

l-Arginine is a commonly used amino acid that has been shown to increase blood flow, Fertility Blend for Women uses it to improve uterine lining health. A 2010 study in Fertility & Sterility found that l-arginine and vitamin E helped to thicken endometrial/uterine thickness in women with thin uterine lining [5]. Fertility Blend for Women also contains vitamin E, so this combination should be very effective.

There is also folic acid, which is a very common supplement for women who are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant. Taking 400ug of folic acid per day has been shown to prevent neural tube defects in fetuses [6].

The Pros & Cons Of Fertility Blend For Women

Here is a list of what we like, and what we don’t like about Fertility Blend for Women by The Daily Wellness Company.

The Pros

  • Proven track record of increasing chance of conception
  • Ingredients that help to support hormone balance
  • Ingredients that can normalize ovulation and improve uterine health
  • Folic acid can prevent neural tube defects

The Cons

  • The study demonstrates that the rate of conception only increased from 14% to 26%
  • This means that you have a 74% chance of seeing no results
  • Uses a proprietary blend for certain ingredients

What Are The Fertility Blend For Women Ingredients?

First there is a proprietary blend of L-Arginine, Green Tea Extract, and Vitex. As it is proprietary, we have no information about the individual doses of each ingredient. The other ingredients, which are not part of the proprietary blend are:

150IU Vitamin E, 6mcg Vitamin B6, 12mcg Vitamin B12, 400mcg Folate (as folic acid), 9mg Iron, 400mg Magnesium, 15mg Zinc, 70mcg Selenium.

Is Fertility Blend For Women Safe?

Fertility Blend for Women is designed for women who are conceiving meaning that it needs to be as safe as possible. None of the ingredients are on any banned or illegal supplement lists and should be perfectly safe for any woman who is in good health.

Is Fertility Blend For Women Suitable For Everyone?

In a word, no. Fertility Blend for Women has a very specific target audience, women who are planning on conceiving. Technically, it could also be effective for women who are suffering from PMS as many of the ingredients (particularly Vitex) have crossover value.

Vegans or vegetarians would usually be advised to increase their Vitamin B12 intake as taking folic acid while deficient in Vitamin B12 (something that is common in vegetarians and vegans) can cause some cognitive issues [7]. However, Fertility Blend for Women also contains Vitamin B12 so no problems there.

L-Arginine has been associated with an increased risk of gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, however the dosage here is not high enough for this to be likely.

Often, most supplements will recommend that pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid them to be on the safe side. This is the case here too, Vitex has not been found to have any side effects, yet until there is sufficient evidence it has been recommended for pregnant women to avoid it, as well as women who are breastfeeding [8].

It is important to remember that 1) There is no evidence that Vitex causes any side effects and 2) If you are pregnant then there is absolutely no need to be consuming a fertility supplement!

Are There Any Fertility Blend For Women Reviews From Customers?

Fertility Blend for Women suffers from the same issue that any supplement has to deal with, it will only ever work for a certain percentage of users. This means that for those it works for (even if it was just a placebo effect) the product is worth every penny and then some. But for those it doesn’t work for, the product is going to be seen as a rip off.

Fertility Blend for Women is perhaps even more susceptible to this as there are no grey areas, either the customer gets pregnant or they do not. Unlike say, a hair regrowth supplement where the amount of hair growth that occurs is up for debate.

This probably explains why the majority of reviews for Fertility Blend for Women are either very complimentary or very negative. Over 54% of Amazon.com reviews gave the product a 5-star rating.

However, there is one issue that may skew results. Failing to get pregnant is quite a personal thing, and people are far less likely to write a review if this occurs than they are to write one if they succeeded.

“I’m halfway through my second pack of Fertility Blend for Women. I took a pregnancy test yesterday as I was one day late on my period. The test was positive. I’m PREGNANT”

“Worked in just two months – We’re pregnant!”

On the other hand, there are several 1-star reviews that follow these lines:

“Took for six months, didn’t work for me”

“Used as recommended and no change after a few months”


Our Final Verdict On Fertility Blend For Women

Fertility Blend for Women has a tough job to do, there are many different reasons why a couple is failing to conceive. After reviewing the evidence, it seems fair to say that the product does work, but that it will not work for everyone. A success rate of just 26% may not seem like a lot, but remember that this was in lab conditions, and that the true results may be even higher. If you are struggling to conceive then taking Fertility Blend for Women for a six-month period is worth doing, but it is not a guarantee of results.