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GNC Energize And Burn Review


GNC Energize & Burn Product ImageThe idea of combining a pre-workout formula with a fat burner formula is by no means a new concept, but that’s not to say it can’t be effective for the gym-goer looking to lose weight. When it comes to GNC’s latest innovation “Energize And Burn”, the clue is in the name.

In this GNC Energize And Burn review, we’re taking a look at what this product has to offer consumers.

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What Is GNC Energize And Burn?

Energize And Burn is a 2-in-1 pre-workout drink and thermogenic weight loss aid produced by one of the largest supplement brands on the market, GNC (General Nutrition Centers Inc). To date, GNC have over 4600 stores globally and have an excellent reputation for customer service and quality products.

This product is available directly from the official GNC Energize And Burn webpage. It can also be purchased in select GNC stores.

One tub of GNC Energize And Burn contains 220.8g of powder, contains 24 servings and costs $24.99.

Energize And Burn is part of GNC’s infamous “Total Lean” product range. As the product name suggests, this “metabolism enhancing powder” targeted towards gym-goers who are looking for something to help them lose weight. GNC claim that this all-natural product is a high-energy thermogenic that can help users burn 6x more calories.

Consumers of GNC Energize And Burn are promised effects such as increased metabolic rates, improved energy levels and heightened focus.

Does GNC Energize And Burn Work?

After conducting some in-depth research into GNC Energize And Burn, we believe the product has many positive qualities for those who are looking to lose weight – however in order to see good results, you will need to ensure you approach using the product in a correct manner.

Before you start using GNC Energize And Burn, you should understand that you’re going to need to work for the weight loss results – the product is not some kind of miracle “fat burning powder” that is able to compensate for a bad diet and inactive lifestyle; there are no ingredients inside GNC Energize And Burn that have the ability to directly and independently “burn fat”.

The most beneficial effect from GNC Energize And Burn will be the boost to your metabolic rates – the formula contains various different thermogenic ingredients that can help cause your body to burn calories at a faster rate, thus allowing for faster weight loss (as long as you’re sticking to a caloric deficit).

We believe that if you have the ability to stick to a low calorie diet, GNC Energize And Burn may be a useful product for helping you hit your weight loss goals faster.

The Pros & Cons Of GNC Energize And Burn

Below we have listed the main positive and negative aspects of GNC Energize And Burn:

The Pros

  • Useful product for those who are actively working out.
  • Can help improve user athletic performance.
  • Contains ingredients that may help speed up user metabolic rates.
  • Contains B Vitamins which are useful for supporting energy levels.

The Cons

  • Product doesn’t contain any ingredients that will directly and independently “burn body fat”.
  • Unlikely to cause appetite suppression effects.
  • Potentially negative side effects.

What Are The GNC Energize And Burn Ingredients?

We have found the following supplement facts via the GNC website:

One Serving Contains: Thiamine 150mcg, Riboflavin 170mcg, Niacin 20mg, Vitamin B6 20mcg, Vitamin B12 60mcg, Beta-Alanine 250mg, Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg, Choline 100mg, L-Carnitine 100mg, Capsicum Extract 33.34mg, Black Pepper Extract 5mg, Green Coffee Bean Extract 200mg, Rhodiola Extract 50mg and Schisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract 50mg.

Is GNC Energize And Burn Safe?

This product may not be suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or persons under the age of 18.

Is GNC Energize And Burn Safe?

Based on the ingredient inside the formula, we believe that this product is likely safe for the majority of users. It is worth noting that each serving is high in caffeine (200mg), so if you’ve got a high blood pressure or heart problems it may be worth consulting with your doctor prior to using GNC Energize And Burn.

What Are The GNC Energize And Burn Side Effects?

We’ve compiled the following potential side effects based on the ingredients inside this formula:

  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • Stomach irritation
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Jitters
  • Vomiting
  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Flushing
  • Runny nose [1][2]

Note: these side effects are possible but may not be the typical user experience.

Are There Any GNC Energize And Burn Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following GNC Energize And Burn review testimonials via the GNC website:

I typically don’t write reviews, but I really researched this product before I purchased and it was basically because of the reviews I purchased it. This product is amazing?!!! My first container I wasn’t really sure but then I ran out of it for about a week before my next container came. There was absolutely a difference in the between time. My workouts didn’t last as long and I wasn’t as much motivated! I recently got my second container and I am lasting longer in my workouts and do them with ease and energy. Love love love this stuff!!!

I am not seeing the results I expected, it also leaves a burning taste after drinking.

Our Final Verdict On GNC Energize And Burn

To conclude our GNC Energize And Burn review, it’s a bit of a mixed bag – there are things that we like about it and things that we aren’t too blown away by.

While we wouldn’t necessarily say that GNC Energize And Burn should be your immediate go-to product for somebody just looking to lose weight, we do accept the fact that the product does have some very positive benefits for users.

Firstly, if it wasn’t already obvious by now, GNC Energize And Burn is a great product for anyone who is an active gym-goer. The formula can help reduce your RPE (rate of perceived exertion), allowing for a more intense workout. Ingredients inside it can also help spike your metabolic rates and improve your cognition.

The drawbacks are, it doesn’t actually contain anything that “burns fat” – users will need to ensure their diet is in check. Finally, the product will likely have no impact on your appetite or hunger levels.