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Major Curves Belly Fat Burner Review


Major Curves Belly Fat Burner Product ImageMajor Curves are a known company to us.. Unfortunately they’re know for all the wrong reasons. This company is synonymous with scam products and ridiculous claims. We have conducted a full major curves belly fat burner review to ensure potential customers know exactly what to expect from this product.

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What Is Major Curves Belly Fat Burner?

Belly Fat Burner, as you may or may not have guessed, is a weight loss pill made by a US-based company named Major Curves.

The Major Curves Belly Fat Burner is essentially just a well-branded green coffee bean product – one capsules contains nothing but 1600mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract. The formula is described by Major Curves as a “fast and effective way of burning body fat”, going on to claim that it uses “time release technology” to provide “all-day long fat burning effects”.

One bottle of Major Curves Belly Fat Burner costs a rather steep $34.99, contains 60 capsules and will last users around 1 month if they stick to the directed two capsules per day.

We were only able to find this product in stock via the official Major Curves Belly Fat Burner website and Amazon.

Does Major Curves Belly Fat Burner Work?

Definitely not. All the claims made by Major Curves are totally false. Yes, Green Coffee Bean extract is a nice ingredient to have inside a fat burner as an accompanying ingredient, but we definitely do not recommend our readers use it as a stand-alone.

There has been some research to suggest Green Coffee Bean is helpful for general health as well as weight loss, but using this product on its own will simply not produce the weight loss results that Major Curves are promising.

The Pros & Cons Of Major Curves Belly Fat Burner

Below is a list of what we believe to be the main positive and negative aspects of this product:

The Pros

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract has a study showing it has helped people lose weight when used daily for 12-16 weeks.

The Cons

  • This product doesn’t contain any ingredients that will directly “burn fat”.
  • Unlikely to boost energy levels or metabolic rates.
  • Potentially manipulated amazon reviews according to Fakespot.

What Are The Major Curves Belly Fat Burner Ingredients?

We have found the following nutritional information for the Major Curves Belly Fat Burner via their amazon listing page:

One Serving Contains: 1600mg Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Non-active ingredients: Vegetable Capsule, Magnesium Stearate.

Is Major Curves Belly Fat Burner Suitable For Everyone?

This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Persons under the age of 18, or pregnant or breastfeeding women should not used Major Curves Belly Fat Burner.

Those with hypertensions or cardiovascular problems may wish to consult with a healthcare professional prior to usage.

Is Major Curves Belly Fat Burner Safe?

As mentioned earlier, the formula powering this fat burner is simply Green Coffee Bean Extract – a natural and legal substance that poses no immediate health risk to otherwise-healthy consumers. We believe that as long as this product is used as directed, there’s no need to worry.

What Are The Major Curves Belly Fat Burner Side Effects?

We have found the following potential side effects for this product:

  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Increased heart and breathing rate. [1]

Note: these side effects are possible but may not be the typical user experience.


Are There Any Major Curves Belly Fat Burner Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following Major Curves Belly Fat Burner review testimonials via customers online:

I was skeptical at first but I’m surprised at the results. My clothes finally fit as I wanted. I recommend to anyone thinking of belly fat reduction.

I had so much hope for these pills. You get a burning sensation once you take them thinking it might work. I can say it curbed my appetite slightly but didn’t work for me. I took them one in the morning and the other at night with moderate exercise.

We were alarmed at the strangely high amount of positive reviews on the belly fat burner, especially when the formula is completely ineffective. We ran the product through the Fakespot software, which came back with the following results:

Our engine has profiled the reviewer patterns and has determined that there is high deception involved. (source)

Our Final Verdict On Major Curves Belly Fat Burner

To conclude our Major Curves Belly Fat Burner review, it’s a bit of a mixed bag – there are things that we like about it and things that we aren’t too blown away by. It’s simply overpriced Green Coffee Bean extract that will absolutely not make good on any of its ridiculous claims. If you simply must try the Green Coffee Bean Extract, buy a generic product at a fraction of the price.