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Nutrafol Product ImageThere is no way to deny that hair growth supplements have becoming insanely popular recently (it’s probably something to do with the huge amounts of money that social-media “celebrities” are being paid to promote them, but we digress), and demand has never been higher.

One such product, Nutrafol Core For Womem, appears to be a very attractive offering for those looking for something to improve their hair health.

These types of products typically promise a multitude of impressive effects and don’t exactly come cheap, which is why in this Nutrafol review, we’re taking an in-depth look at the Core For Women formula to see whether or not this product really can help your hair grow faster and longer.

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What Is Nutrafol Core For Women?

Nutrafol Core For Women, also commonly just referred to as Nutrafol, is a self-proclaimed hair health supplement created by a US-based company of the same name.

One pack of Nutrafol Core For Women costs $79.00, contains 120 capsules, and when used as directed (one 4-capsule serving per day) should last the average user for exactly 30 days; it can be ordered directly from the official Nutrafol website, as well as Amazon and Walmart.

Like the vast majority of hair health vitamin supplements, Nutrafol is primarily marketed towards women, however there’s also a Nutrafol Core For Men too.

The formula powering Nutrafol Core For Women is a combination of natural herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals.

Nutrafol themselves state that their product is designed to promote “hair wellness from within”. The official website says that it can “increase hair growth and improve hair quality”; Nutrafol never claim that the product is designed to prevent and reverse hair loss in any way, shape or form – in a press release, CEO Giorgos Tsetis stated that “It’s not hair loss and it’s not haircare, it’s something beautiful in the middle.”

Does Nutrafol Work?

Below we’ve broken down this question to help you gain further understanding into what we think:

Nutrafol Pros

  • Antioxidant properties could help protect hair cells from free radical damage
  • Ingredients inside the product can help contribute towards overall scalp health
  • Can help support the body’s keratin infrastructure
  • May help mild DHT-blocking qualities

Nutrafol Cons

  • Formula is highly unlikely to cause hair to grow faster in users who are not nutrient deficient
  • Formula is highly unlikely to boost head hair count
  • No concrete evidence to suggest that it will help restore thinning hair
  • Some users might experience negative side effects

What Are The Nutrafol Ingredients?

We have found the following supplement facts for this product:

One 4-Capsule Serving Contains: Vitamin A 1563mcg, Vitamin C 80mg, Vitamin D 62.5mcg, Biotin 3000mcg, Iodine 225mcg, Zinc 20mg, Selenium 200mcg, Proprietary Blend 1680mg (Marine Collagen, Ashwagandha, Saw Palmetto, Turmeric, Palm Tocotrienols, Hyaluronic Acid), and Proprietary Blend 480mg (L-Lysine, L-Methionine, L-Cysteine, Horsetail Extract, Resveratrol, Black Pepper Extract, Capsicum Extract).

Is Nutrafol Core For Women Safe?

We believe that as long as daily serving sizes are not significantly exceeded, Nutrafol Core For Women will be completely safe. The formula does not contain anything that has been officially banned or deemed unsuitable for human consumption.

Can I use Nutrafol While Pregnant

We would personally advise that you do not use this product while you are pregnant or breastfeed, just to be on the safe side.

What Are The Nutrafol Side Effects?

We’ve compiled the following potential side effects based on the ingredients inside this formula:

  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache [1][2][3]

Note: these side effects are possible but may not be the typical user experience.


Are There Any Nutrafol Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following Nutrafol review testimonials via customers online:

After using Nutrafol for 3 months I can honestly say that my hair does seem significantly thicker and more vibrant, not sure if it’s growing faster though. Yes it’s a little expensive, but ultimately I would say that it is worth it.

Some people have reported thicker hair, but I personally have not seen it. My doctor has stated that my thinning hair is a result of hormonal changes from menopause so that could be why it didn’t work?

Our Final Verdict On Nutrafol Core For Women

To conclude our Nutrafol review, we believe that the product could potentially be useful for those who are looking to improve their overall hair health, however we feel that the claims that it’ll increase your rate of hair growth are a little exaggerated to say the least.

Firstly, we like how Nutrafol could help protect your hair cells from oxidative damage. Additionally it’s good to see ingredients inside that can help support the production of Keratin – a structural protein that’s used by the body to produce hair, skin and nails. Finally, Nutrafol Core For Women seems like it will also help contribute to your overall scalp and hair health too.

To us, the main negatives are the fact that there’s just not enough concrete scientific evidence to suggest that it’ll increase your hair growth rate.

Finally, we’ve seen certain customer reviews stating that Nutrafol helped them regrow hair that had previously been lost – while Nutrafol have never claimed their product will do this, we don’t really believe that the average consumer will experience such effects; ingredients inside this product have not been recognized by the FDA or EFSA as effective for preventing or reversing hair loss.