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OvaBoost Product ImageThere are many different types of supplement that you can take while trying to conceive or during pregnancy, with a huge variety of benefits. Some help boost libido, some help improve reproductive health, and some can increase the chance of conception. OvaBoost is a supplement that is designed to protect the egg against damage, reduce the risk of birth defects, and raise fertility.

In this article we will be examining OvaBoost’s ingredients list, analyzing its claims, and assessing customer reviews about how effective it is. After doing this we will help you to decide whether OvaBoost is the right supplement for you.


What Is OvaBoost?

OvaBoost is a fertility supporting supplement sold by Fairhaven Health, a Washington-based supplement company that specialises in supplements for conception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding (as well as male fertility supplements).

A single pack of OvaBoost costs $29.95 for 30 days of servings and can be purchased either directly through the Fairhaven Health website or from Amazon.com. Each serving consists of 4 capsules, so 120 capsules in total.  There is a discount offered by Fairhaven Health based on how many packs you purchase at once. If you purchase two packs at once (two months supply) the price drops to $28.45 per pack, and the price drops to $26.96 per pack if you purchase three or more packs.

OvaBoost is aimed at women who are looking to conceive, it may be of particular benefit to women who are overweight as it can help with insulin-resistance. It is also aimed at women who are looking to conceive later in life, as well as women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). OvaBoost promises to boost egg health and support ovarian function and protect eggs from free radicals.

Does OvaBoost Work?

One of the common signs and symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (often referred to by the acronym PCOS) is metabolic syndrome. Which can cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is where the cells in your body do not respond properly to the hormone insulin, which causes the body to increase the production of insulin, which leads to elevated insulin in the bloodstream [1].

More insulin can lead to an increase in testosterone production in women and can cause problems with ovulation. Many women with PCOS can see a reduction in the quality in their eggs and their eggs may be smaller in size. This can often, unfortunately, lead to certain birth defects.

OvaBoost contains a combination of melatonin, Myo-inositol, and folate, these ingredients have been shown to improve egg quality. A 2010 study by Rizzo, Raffone & Benedetto found that a combination of melatonin, myo-inositol, and folate improved egg cell quality and pregnancy outcome in women who had a history of low-quality eggs [2].

Folate (also known as folic acid) is recommended for women of child-bearing age to take before they are pregnant as it has been shown to reduce neural tube defects. A 2008 study by Sutton, Daly, & Kirke concluded that the importance of taking folic acid to prevent neural tube defects could not be overstated [3].

OvaBoost also claims to help protect eggs by providing antioxidants such as vitamin E, Grapeseed extract, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, however none of these ingredients are particularly effective at producing antioxidant enzymes [4]. Though CoQ10 may have a small influence in that regard. A 2012 study found that 150mg of CoQ10 can decrease oxidative stress and increase antioxidative enzymes [5].

Bottom Line: The combination of melatonin, myo-inositol, and folate looks to be effective at improving egg cell quality and improving the outcomes of pregnancy in women who have PCOS and are insulin resistant. Due to the complex nature of diabetes and diabetes medication it would be vital to contact your doctor before taking this supplement, but it may very well help increase the chance of conception in women who are insulin resistant.

The Pros & Cons of OvaBoost

Below is a list of everything that we like about OvaBoost and everything that we don’t like:


  • Melatonin, myo-inositol, and folate are effective and do exactly as described
  • CoQ10 may help to protect egg health
  • Folate will help prevent against birth defects


  • Uses a proprietary blend, which masks the actual dosages
  • Grapeseed extract and alpha lipoic acid are mostly useless

What Are The OvaBoost Ingredients?

What is really irritating about Fairhaven Health supplements is that they almost always employ a proprietary blend for their active ingredients. A proprietary blend is used to disguise the actual dosages of individual ingredients by lumping a bunch together and then just giving the customer the overall weight. A bit like baking a cake and using a recipe that says 1 x cake, rather than mentioning how much flour, eggs etc. you need.

With the proprietary blend in place, it is impossible for us to give correct dosages for the ingredients contained within, so we have had to write down “proprietary blend” and describe which ingredients are present.

One Serving Contains: Vitamin E 100IU, Folate 200mcg, Myo-Inositol 2000mg, and Proprietary Blend 242mg (Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grapeseed Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Melatonin).

Is OvaBoost Safe?

There are only a few ingredients contained within OvaBoost, and none of them are dangerous or unsafe. Vitamin E is a common dietary vitamin, folate is so good for women who are trying to conceive that it is actively encouraged, ALA, grapeseed extract, CoQ10, and melatonin are all safe ingredients that are not banned.

Is OvaBoost Suitable for Everyone?

OvaBoost is only suitable for women who are looking to conceive, it is particularly suitable for women who may be insulin-resistant – possibly due to being overweight. Most of the ingredients are completely safe for everyone to take provided that they are in good health and not taking any medication. As always, if you are on medication please consult your doctor before taking supplements of any kind.

High dosages of vitamin E have been linked with a greater risk of all-cause mortality [6], though this would probably only be an issue if you were already taking a vitamin E supplement. OvaBoost contains 333% of your RDA of vitamin E (100IU) while the study only saw issues in dosages that were 4x as much.

Folate may cause neurotoxic issues if taken without sufficient vitamin B12 [7], so if you are deficient in vitamin B12 (vegans are particularly susceptible to this) you may either want to supplement with B12 separately or avoid OvaBoost. Myo-inositol is perfectly safe in the dosage present in OvaBoost, with no side effects reported [8].

All of the other ingredients present in OvaBoost are considered completely safe. If you are a healthy woman you should have absolutely no problem using this supplement.

Are There Any OvaBoost Reviews From Customers?

On Amazon.com there are 461 customer reviews, with 46% of those reviews five-stars. A further 14% of reviews scored it four-stars, however 20% of customers rated OvaBoost one-star. Here are three typical reviews for OvaBoost on Amazon.com

“I could not be any happier! OvaBoost was my miracle drug. Before we decided to try fertility drugs or IVF, I found OvaBoost. It took it for one month and our little miracle is due August”

“We tried to get pregnant for over a year, OvaBoost was our last-ditch effort before seeking medical intervention. Within a month we were pregnant!”

“After two miscarriages I started taking OvaBoost, I took it from April to July and now have a healthy baby”


Our Final Verdict On OvaBoost

OvaBoost is another Fairhaven Health supplement that does one thing very well and may help to do a few other things. In this case, OvaBoost is a great way to improve egg cell quality in women who may be insulin resistant. For women suffering with PCOS this may be a great solution, though we would recommend seeing a doctor first before using. It may also to protect egg health through the use of antioxidants, but this is debatable.

Overall, this is a good supplement that is let down slightly through its use of a proprietary blend. Attention supplement companies: Proprietary blends are garbage, and you should stop hiding behind legal loopholes. Show your work!