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Refuze Carb Blocker Review


A fact of life is that carbs taste great and they’re everywhere! Unfortunately for most of us, consuming carbohydrates is probably one of the easiest ways to quickly gain fat. For those looking to lose weight who do happen to have a carb-heavy diet, using carb blocker supplements to stop your body absorbing calories from carbohydrates can be highly effective.

In this Refuze Carb Blocker review, we’re taking and in-depth look into this product to see whether or not this is something that can genuinely help you lose weight quickly.

What Is Refuze Carb Blocker?

Refuze is a potently-dosed carbohydrate calorie inhibitor (more formally known as a Carb Blocker) produced by a UK-based sports nutrition brand named Astral Nutrition.

refuze carb blocker product imageOne bottle of Refuze Carb Blocker costs £24.99, contains 60 capsules and will last users for approximately one month; it is available from the official Refuze Carb Blocker manufacturer website and Amazon.

Refuze is targeted towards those who are looking to lose weight – more specifically, those who are carb-sensitive or those with a carb-heavy diet.

The formula powering Refuze Carb Blocker is a complex of precisely-dosed herbal extracts and minerals that serve to significantly reduce the amount of calories that you absorb from the carbohydrates in your daily meals. The product is designed to deliver users a reasonably effortless way of reducing their daily calorie intake without having to totally overhaul their diet.

In situations where eating some bread, some pasta or some rice may hypothetically add up to 500 calories, taking Refuze prior to that meal can potentially reduce that calorie-count down to around 250-300 calories. The remaining calories will not be absorbed and will eventually be passed in your feces.

Consumers of this product are told they can expect weight loss, improved metabolic rates and reduced appetite levels.

Does Refuze Carb Blocker Work?

Based on our research into this product, we genuinely believe that Refuze will be highly effective for the purposes of weight loss if it is used correctly. The main function of Refuze is essentially to lower the caloric-value of your meals – this is done by blocking your body’s ability to fully absorb all of the calories from the carbohydrates in your food.

Refuze basically allows you to stick to a calorie-reduced diet without you actually having to eat less food. What makes this product just so effective is that it allows dieters the full satisfaction of eating their favorite carb-heavy foods without them having to worry about absorbing the full caloric-value.

In order to see the best results from Refuze, you’re still going to need to make sure you aren’t overeating. Let us explain:

The average amount of calories a man needs per day to sustain weight is 2500, the average amount for a woman is 2000. If you eat more calories than these numbers per day, you’ll continue to gain weight.

Let’s say, hypothetically, you typically consume 4000 calories per day; using Refuze prior to your meals may bring that number down to 3500 calories per day – you’re still going to gain weight.

If you have the willpower and determination to bring your daily calorie intake down, we’re confident that you’ll see fantastic weight loss results using the Refuze Carb Blocker.

Refuze Carb Blocker Weight Loss Test Results

We conducted a small test to see the effects of Refuze after using one bottle (a 1 month supply).

Participants were not informed what the pills were or what they were designed to do. They were also told not to make any significant changes to their diet or lifestyle during the 30 days of taking the product.

Refuze Weight Loss Test Results

Noteworthy observations:

  • The average amount of weight lost was 6.5 lbs in 30 days with no change to diet or lifestyle.
  • We believe that if this product was used in conjunction with a calorie-restricted diet and exercise regime, the amount of weight lost per participant would have been significantly higher.
  • Those who had a higher level of body fat typically saw more weight loss than those with lower levels of body fat.
  • The most substantial weight loss results was seen in participants who stated that their diet contained lots of carbohydrates.

The Pros & Cons Of Refuze Carb Blocker

Below we have listed everything we like and dislike about Refuze:

The Pros

  • Effective product for anyone looking to lose weight quickly.
  • Uses proven carbohydrate-calorie blocking ingredients.
  • Formula can help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce food cravings.
  • Contributes towards user metabolic rates.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee.

The Cons

  • Must be taken 20-25 minutes prior to a meal to be effective.
  • Product may not be effective if you’re already following a low-carbohydrate diet (there won’t be any carbs to block).

What Are The Refuze Carb Blocker Ingredients?

We have found the following supplement facts for Refuze via the official website:

One Capsule Contains: White kidney bean extract 500mg, Vitamin C 150mg, Guarana Extract 40mg, Caffeine 2.2mg (from Guarana) and Chromium 30mcg.

Is Refuze Carb Blocker Safe?

Based on the ingredients used within the formula, we believe that the product is completely safe provided you stick to the directions of usage.

With that being said we do not recommend this product for anyone who is pregnant or has a high blood pressure.

What Are The Refuze Carb Blocker Side Effects?

Our research team have compiled the following potential side effects for Refuze based on the ingredients used within the formula:

  • Gas
  • Mild stomach discomfort
  • Diarrhea.[1]

Note: these side effects are possible but are unlikely to be the typical user experience.

Are There Any Refuze Carb Blocker Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following feedback left on the astral nutrition website

Olly on Mar 09, 2017
Lost 3KG using this product

Aymun Khan on Mar 08, 2017
I’d been using this product before my lunch, just 1 capsule, and i’m down 3KG. I’m using this with the ultimate weight loss bundle and seeming amazing results. Very happy so far.

Our Final Verdict On Refuze Carb Blocker?

To conclude our Refuze Carb Blocker review, we genuinely believe that this is a highly effective product that will deliver great weight loss results for the majority of users – Refuze performed extremely well in our own weight loss test.

While it is true that the product will only work if your diet contains carbohydrates, we believe that’s pretty much 95% of the population!

When researching the formula, we have established that Refuze is a great way of triggering fast weight loss due to it being able to cancel out (or ‘block’) the carbohydrate-calories in your meals.

Finally, the product is essentially side-effect free and comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you happen to have a carb-heavy diet and are looking for something that’s genuinely going to help you lose some weight, Refuze is an excellent choice.