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Thrive Patch Review


Thrive Shake Product ImageFrom an outsider’s perspective, topical “fat burning patches” may seem like an innovative idea, but the main question is, do they actually work? We’ve reviewed weight loss patches in the past and haven’t been impressed, but regardless, in this Thrive Patch review, we’re looking at whether or not their DTF (Derma Fusion Technology) has what it takes to deliver you weight loss results.

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What Are Thrive Patches?

Thrive Patch (also known as the Premium lifestyle DTF patch, Thrive DTF Patch, and Thrive Burn Patch) is a self-proclaimed “weight loss patch” that is created by a US-based multi-level marketing company named Le-Vel Brands LLC (trading as Le-Vel).

One packet of Thrive patches costs between $29.99-$49.99, contains 28 patches and will last for approximately 14 days, based on the directions of two patches applied per day; it is available from the official Thrive Patch website only.

This product is primarily sold as part of the “Thrive Experience” package, which also contains diet shakes and multivitamin pills, however it can also be purchased alone through one of the company’s resellers. Like most other products in Le-Vel’s product range, the Thrive Patch is targeted towards those who are looking to lose body fat.

The product itself is a patch that is applied onto the skin – Le-Vel claim that the product delivers 6 different ingredients through a transdermal delivery method (i.e. through the skin) to cause fat loss in the localized area that the patch has been applied to.

Does The Thrive Patch Work?

After further researching this product, we do not believe it’ll be useful for weight loss. While there is a huge lack of concrete scientific evidence to support these types of “fat burning patches”, the whole concept of the Thrive Patch seems ridiculous.

Not only does this product have thousands of reviews online stating it was totally ineffective, reducing body fat in certain areas of your body is simply impossible without a weight loss surgery. If you assumed that you could apply these patches to “problem areas” and expect to see a reduction in fat cells in that particular area, you’ll be sorely disappointed (but then again, we think you’ll be disappointed anyway when the product ultimately delivers no results).

The 6 main ingredients powering this product wouldn’t even really be effective if you were to consume them in a capsule form (which would be optimal), we can only imagine that a transdermal patch would be providing users with tiny amounts of each substance – these types of ingredients were not meant to be passed through the skin, they’re meant to be consumed.

When looking at Le-Vel’s further claims that the product helps support energy and blood circulation, we found little evidence to support that either. While it’s true that Green Coffee Bean Extract and Garcinia Cambogia can potentially help elevate your natural energy levels, the way the ingredients are administered into the body makes us believe it likely won’t make good on either of these claims.

The bottom line: it probably won’t cause weight loss, and losing fat in localized areas is impossible.

The Pros & Cons Of Thrive Patch

Below we have listed everything we like and dislike about this product:

The Pros

  • We can’t think of any.

The Cons

  • There’s no evidence to support the whole concept of “weight loss patches”.
  • No ingredient amounts are revealed.
  • The idea of a transdermal patch to administer generic herbal extract ingredients is gimmicky.

What Are The Thrive Patch Ingredients?

We have found the following supplement facts for this product:

One Patch Contains:  ForsLean®, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, CoQ10, White Willow Bark and Cosmoperine®.

Note: Le-Vel do not disclose the exact amounts of each ingredient used.

Is The Thrive Patch Safe?

The fact of the matter is, there research into “topical fat burners” just isn’t there to confirm whether they are or are not safe; these types of products are largely unregulated and are not regulated by the FDA or EFSA, as they are technically not foodstuffs.

We personally think that the product is unlikely to be harmful, however we have found some consumers reporting dermatological issues, such as those listed in the side effects section above.

If safety is your primarily concern, we believe that it would be best if you looked for a weight loss product that is regulated.

What Are The Thrive Patch Side Effects?

We’ve compiled the following potential side effects based on feedback left from users of this product:

  • Skin irritation
  • Rash

Note: these side effects are possible but may not be the typical user experience.


Are There Any Thrive Patch Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following Thrive Plus Duo:Burn Patch review testimonials via customers online:

Absolute cr*p. Didn’t do a thing. I feel like i’ve been scammed.

I’m not sure if it really helped because i was exercising and dieting all while using the patches.. The areas i applied them to didn’t really look that much leaner.

Our Final Verdict On Thrive Patch

To conclude our Thrive Patch review, after looking at the science, we just don’t believe it’ll work at all.

Thrive has a huge amount of hype surrounding it, and we can’t fully understand why, especially as the brand has been trashed in reviews from customers all over the internet.

If you’re going to do the “Thrive Experience” (the weight loss plan that includes the shakes and pills etc.), we believe that it’ll likely be the weight loss shakes combined with a low calorie diet plan that’ll deliver most of the weight loss results – if you used these patches as a standalone product, we’d bet money that you wouldn’t lose any body fat.