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TRX2 Product ImageHair care supplements are becoming more and more popular with both men and women, today the hair growth industry is much more varied, and (hopefully) much more effective than it has ever been before. There are shampoos, creams, conditioners, and dietary supplements.

In this TRX2 review, we will be focusing on the claims that this product can improve hair growth in both men and women.


What Is TRX2?

TRX2 is a hair growth supplement created by a joint UK and Germany based company called Oxford BioLabs. The founder is a Scottish/German biochemist called Thomas Whitfield, who gained his PhD from Christ Church, University of Oxford (hence the name).

Whitfield founded Oxford BioLabs in 2009 and by 2011 the company’s first product TRX2 was sold. TRX2 stands for Trichos which means hair in Greek and the 2 represents “Your second generation of hair” [1]. In other words, if you are wondering what happened to TRX1 … it never existed!

TRX2 is sold via its website and Amazon, you can purchase it in either one-month or three-month packs. A three-month pack contains 90 servings of three capsules, so 270 capsules in all. It costs $184.95 on the Oxford Biolabs website. This works out at $61.65 per month, or about $2 per day.

TRX2 appears to be marketed mostly towards men. The majority of their case study photos are of men, but it is suitable for both men and women, and Oxford BioLabs have clearly put effort in to make it appealing to women too. Still, as a first impression, TRX2 looks like a male hair care product more than it does a female one.

The goal of taking TRX2 is to regrow hair, and reverse hair loss. Unlike the majority of hair growth products TRX2 does not go about this by attempting to block DHT. Instead, TRX2 claims to stimulate potassium ion channels within hair molecules, which Oxford BioLabs claims leads to hair regrowth.

Oxford BioLabs claim that 87% of people who have taken their product have reported “visibly stronger and thicker hair”. With the majority of people seeing the difference after nine months of taking TRX2.

Does TRX2 Work?

Unlike many supplements, and hair care products in particular, TRX2 does not use individual ingredients to create specific benefits. Instead, they use a combination of ingredients: L-Carnitine, Nicotinic Acid, Potassium “with a proprietary complex of metabolic stimulants” to reactivate potassium channels “promoting hair growth on a molecular level” [2].

This means that when reviewing the ingredients list, we only have one job to do. Ascertain whether 1) hair loss is indeed caused by the wearing down of potassium channels, and 2) whether the ingredients in TRX2 can reactivate these channels leading to hair regrowth.

A 1992 study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology confirms that potassium chambers do in fact affect hair growth [3]. While a 2005 study shows us that opening potassium channels can indeed lead to increased hair growth [4].

Oxford BioLabs have also conducted their own study using 59 participants (47 male, 12 female) over a period of 18 months [5]. The study split the participants into two groups. One group took TRX2 while the other (known as the control group) took a placebo. After 9 months average hair count had increased by 35% in the TRX2 group, and hair thickness had increased 22%. After 18 months, hair count had increased by 49% while hair thickness had increased by 38%.

These results are very impressive, and if this had been an independent study there would be nothing more to say. However, it is important to mention the inherent bias of a company performing its own clinical tests. Think about it, the researchers aren’t exactly unbiased are they!

This does not mean that the results are unimportant, nor are we implying that anything untoward has happened. But, in science, bias (even unconscious) can seriously affect results, or how they are interpreted.

That being said, there is clearly evidence that hair loss can be affected by potassium chambers, and there is evidence that addressing this issue can lead to a reversal of hair loss. The Oxford BioLabs study demonstrates that TRX2 works, and there seems to be a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting this.

The Bottom Line: There appears ample evidence that TRX2 works and has a pretty high success rate. Yes, the study is basically inadmissible as it comes from a biased source. But it does indicate that TRX2 has a high probability of working.

The Pros & Cons of TRX2

In this section we are examining everything we like, and everything we don’t like about TRX2.

The Pros

  • Stands out from the crowd by addressing an issue that no other hair care supplement does.
  • The science behind targeting potassium chambers is sound
  • A study by Oxford BioLabs found an increased hair count (49%) and increased hair thickness (38%) after 18 months
  • Contains niacin which is known to increase blood flow to the scalp
  • Also contains l-carnitine which has been shown to increase hair growth [6].
  • By not targeting DHT, TRX2 avoids a lot of unwanted side effects (lowered virility, lowered testosterone etc.).
  • Almost no side-effects associated with TRX2 usage (one exception mentioned in “cons”)

The Cons

  • While there is evidence supporting this method, it is still relatively unheard of
  • Most convincing study on TRX2 is not independent, and has issues with bias
  • Long-term usage required, which at $2 per day could end up being very expensive
  • Gastrointestinal distress as a side effect of TRX2 has been noted by a small percentage of users

What Are The TRX2 Ingredients?

We have found the following supplement facts for this product:

One Serving Contains: L-Carnitine 800mg, Potassium Chloride 191mg, L-Leucine 150mg, L-Isoleucine 75mg, L-Valine 75mg, Niacin 40mg, Zinc 15mg, Biotin 150ug, and Selenium 75ug.

Is TRX2 Safe?

There is nothing contained within TRX2 that would be classed as unsafe, no illegal or controlled substances, and none of the ingredients are present in overly high concentrations. Provided that the consumer is in good health, there should be no issues related to taking TRX2.

Is TRX2 Suitable For Everyone?

TRX2 is suitable for both men and women and contains perfectly safe ingredients that are all contained within the acceptable doses. However, no supplement is 100% safe, and side effects can occur. L-Carnitine is not suitable for people with Alzheimer’s disease, nor is it suitable for people with pre-existing kidney conditions. Pregnant women are also advised to avoid it.

The branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) should not be taken by diabetics or people on medicine for Parkinson’s. Potassium is mostly safe, but if taken in high doses it can cause kidney complications. If you already have kidney problems, then you may want to avoid TRX2.

As with potassium (and any of the ingredients in this list for that matter), niacin is perfectly safe. However, if your diet is already high in niacin and you take TRX2 you may be at risk of taking too much. Which can have issues for a number of organs. This is incredibly unlikely though.

So, pregnant women, diabetics, people with kidney disease, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s should avoid TRX2. For the most part, everyone else should be absolutely fine. If you have any of the above conditions then please consult your doctor – they will probably say that it’s absolutely fine, but always best to check.

What Are The TRX2 Side Effects?

We have compiled the following list of potential side effects based on the ingredients used within the formula:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia [7]

Note: these side effects are possible, but may not be the typical user experience.


Are There Any TRX2 Reviews From Customers?

As with most hair supplements, the reviews are split between those who have seen fantastic results, and those who have seen no difference. Sadly, TRX2 may be a victim of impatience here. With results taking as long as 18 months, there will probably be a large number of unsatisfied customers who could not wait that long. At $2 per day, you can’t really blame them either.

One customer wrote in after taking TRX2 for 10 months and had “had zero results”. On the other hand, another customer had been taking TRX2 for just 2 months and had seen results as early as one-month in.

“I definitely saw an improvement in thickness and in the overall condition of my hair”


“TRX2 is too expensive”

The above is probably a fair remark, while it isn’t expensive per serving, considering how long you are supposed to take it for the cost rises steeply.

Our Final Verdict On TRX2

TRX2 is an exciting hair care supplement which is backed by a slick marketing campaign. There isn’t much in the way of convincing evidence that it works though. The most relevant study was conducted by Oxford BioLabs (the creators of TRX2) which isn’t really good enough. From analyzing the reviews, it seems that around half of customers are satisfied (49% gave TRX2 a four or five star rating) while the other half have seen little or no results.

This is actually quite decent for a hair supplement. Many only see around 30-40% success rates, but the Amazon reviews do not reflect the claims made by Oxford BioLabs that 87% of users were pleased with the results. It will be interesting to see if more companies look to improve hair through reinvigoration of the potassium chambers. If this does occur, then maybe TRX2 is on to something.